Timber Management

timber managementTimber management is the practical part of forestry that maximizes the potential of your land and renewable resources. This is a plan that keeps your forest sustainable in the long term and provides income along the way. High Mountain Resources has the knowledge and experience to keep your forest healthy and productive.

Land and Timber Acquisition

Sometimes land and timber owners would rather sell their timberland or standing timber on a lump sum basis instead of logging and waiting for the proceeds. High Mountain Resources is always looking for opportunities to purchase timbered property and standing timber.

“Whether your concern is aesthetic or income, Ken will give you a superior job. He is hands down the most knowledgeable, professional and competent logger I have ever worked with in 30 years of forest work. He knows the markets and is more like having a land management consultant and a harvester in one. Anyone can log your timber land, but few will do it better.” ~ Al H.

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