At High Mountain Resources, we provide professional logging and land clearing services for private landowners throughout Western Oregon. View a full list of our services below, and click on each to learn more.

Logging: Our specialty. We are equipped to help you with your logging needs including cutting, yarding, loading and log hauling.

Timber ManagementMaximize the potential of your land and renewable resources and keep your forest sustainable.

Land and Timber Acquisition: Looking to sell your timber for cash?

Land Clearing and Road Building: Usable ground and access are a plus for any property.

Fire Prevention: Fuel reduction is the first step in reducing the risk of fire.

Other Services

As a matter of courtesy, High Mountain Resources is willing to help landowners facilitate other aspects of the timber harvest experience. We will help provide professional people who can do everything from timber cruising to slash disposal and reforestation. In other words, let us help you all the way through the process.

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