The Process

the processThere are steps that should be addressed before beginning a timber harvest. To ensure that your harvest runs as smoothly as possible, the following steps need to be taken.

1. Contact us
Set up an appointment with High Mountain Resources to look at your timber parcel. We will determine probable access, potential hazards and other factors that will help you decide what type of harvest you may want to do.

2. Set up a plan for harvesting
Based on your goals and an evaluation of your timber, a harvest plan can be determined. Sometimes landowners simply want to manage their timber in a sustainable way. Others may need to address financial needs and extract a specific monetary value from their forest. Either way, when you contact us, we can help you determine the plan that is right for you. We can then give you a price based on the services you will need.

3. Get a logging permit
Once the plan is in place we will secure a permit for you from the Oregon Department of Forestry. Any written plans to address environmental issues such as streams or buffers can be done at this time.

4. Log sales agreement
We will shop for and obtain purchase order(s) for your logs from one or more sawmills. We take care to merchandise and utilize your timber to maximize your profit.

5. Begin your harvest!
Logging operation begins. Payment for delivered logs is usually sent twice per month according to the sawmill(s) payment schedule. Most sawmill(s) account for and distribute payments to the landowner and logging operator separately according to the rate set forth in the logging contract.

Choosing High Mountain Resources means that you will be getting a helping hand all through the harvesting process. From the planning stage through the harvest stage, we strive to give you professional service with a personal touch.

Contact us to get an estimate today.

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