Our Equipment

At HMR, we have a variety of equipment that are both functional and versatile. Depending on the job, we use the machines below to meet your logging and land clearing needs.

John Deere 200 Log Loader
This machine is used for loading trucks, processing logs, and yarding logs. It is especially clean in the yarding process because it can suspend the logs by one or both ends, and can also pile slash during the process with the grapples.

John Deere 650 Cat 
Used primarily for building an occasional road and yarding logs in steep or inaccessible places, this machine has long been a mainstay of the logging community because of its versatility.

518G Cat Grapple Skidder
This machine is made exclusively for yarding logs. It gives a sturdy one end suspension and is capable of yarding over long distances due to its speed. A winch also enables it to pull standing timber away from creeks or property lines.

Danzco Delimber
Equipped with a small diesel motor and hydraulics, this machine is used in conjunction with the log loader to delimb logs making a safer and less labor intensive workplace.

300 Gallon Fire Truck
Oregon Department of Forestry compliant and includes a 13 hp Honda motor and Mallory pump. Also includes all fire tools.

500 Gallon Fire Trailer
Oregon Department of Forestry compliant and includes a Pacific Pumper unit and fire tools.

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